School curricula and ways to face social crises Iraqi society is a model

Lecturer, Einas Sadiq Hammoudi

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The curriculum is not limited to the curriculum or vocabulary quoted from the sources and references to the composition of the scientific material at some point to a specialization, the concept of the broader and more comprehensive approach of the scientific material and the scientific material, but a key element of other elements of the curriculum, then the curriculum is a comprehensive teaching plan Includes several elements starting with the development of vocabulary and educational activities, methods and methods used in delivering them and the process of evaluating the outputs of the curriculum and achieve its objectives.

Therefore, the curriculum is defined as “a plan through which students are provided with a range of educational opportunities that work to achieve broad public objectives, linked to specific goals or specific subject matter. In other words, the curriculum includes the subject matter, objectives, objectives, experiences and educational methods as they are, Concept of curriculum.

Children are the small buds that need us more attention and care, to get them to the future, to be more able to cope with the difficulties and how to deal with them and overcome them and find optimal solutions to them, all this is only through a balanced educational and educational process to build their independent personality.

However, the educational process in Iraq, especially the change in curricula, has caused widespread debate among supporters and opponents. Although change and modification is a natural necessity to keep abreast of regional and international developments in the field of education and education, the objectors believe that the real problem is that the Ministry does not take sufficient time to study the results of these changes , For example, there is no plan for evaluation. On the contrary, the changes occur frequently and quickly disrupt the students and teachers together, and in turn lead to confuse the educational process, as well as it gives a bad impression in the street that the changes are random and chaotic, Raise doubts about the ministers and their purpose of these changes. Five ministers have been punished by the Ministry of Education since 2003. Their only achievement is to change curricula. They all accuse them of charging large commissions of printing presses at the expense of changing curricula in an unthought manner and wasting public money.

The beginning of the curriculum change in Iraq was the first time in the beginning of 2003, after the war in Iraq and included the change in the beginning with a few materials, including Islamic education and history, and change some terms, and cancel some of the words that concern the previous government and wars. It is remarkable that the curriculum director at the time confirmed that the process of curriculum change was completed three years after the start of change, and that 2012 will see the completion of the project and the completion of the required modernization, which will be parallel to global development. Which is surprising that after all this change and is supposed to prove the new approach to work on the calendars of change in the three years, but we are surprised after the change of staff of the Ministry of Education, the new crew comes and it was not only came to us new curricula burdened parents and students to the extent Whether they did not take into account the individual differences in children as well as the confusion in the change of curricula and not studied well, and evidence of that many mistakes that are contained therein.

Teachers and teachers have pointed out many reasons for not accepting the change of curricula such as:

 Lack of explanatory means.

 Curriculum is not well thought out and is not systematic and suited to the minds of students to contain a large amount of information is difficult for students to understand or understand.

 Lack of school buildings and the inclusion of a single class on more than 60 students.

 Lack of training courses for teaching staff, which is a very important step so that the teacher can understand the material and see them and in turn can deliver the information to students.

 Not to deliver curricula and books prescribed for students with the start of the school year, forcing some people to go down to the market to buy books has exceeded the price of one book more than ten thousand dinars, and therefore it weighs heavily on the people. As well as the presence of many students who can not afford to buy books, students are forced to wait for the distribution of curricula and may delay the distribution sometimes to the end of the first half of the academic year, all these things lead to confuse the educational process in Iraq.

As for the people, many of them in Iraq are changing the curriculum with the start of each academic year. Some of them see that the educational reality in Iraq is exposed to a big conspiracy because the ministerial decisions to change the curriculum are not correct. The people see that the new curricula are not compatible with the mentality of their children The purpose of the curriculum is to feed the minds of the students and achieve the scientific construction of specialization, but now it is the fog of this change that generated great aversion to the curricula of students and parents alike. And found the people themselves in front of curricula are not indifferent to the environmental factors and difficult conditions experienced by Iraq and taking into account the individual differences of students as well as the difficult economic and political conditions we live under the current situation.



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