Religious information for first grade pupils who are enrolled and not enrolled in kindergarten

lecturer. Zainab Khanjar Mazyad - Lecturer Lamia Salim Rasoul

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First goal: Current research aims to find and measure religious information in children attending and not attending kindergartens. Second goal: There is no statistically significant difference in the average test scores among children attending religious information and not enrolled in kindergarten at a level of significance of 0.05. And to achieve the objectives of the research, the researcher has developed hypotheses which examined and selected sample jobs Baghdad Directorate first school Rusafa Maes primary and research sample consisted of 50 children and a baby were selected at random and the researcher asking them to see and measure religious information and the questions in the form of paragraphs consisting of 22 paragraph represents each target behavior and ask questions in verbal and developed alternatives to answer Yes or no and give her Degrees (1, 0) and the researcher concluded that: there are no differences between the first primary grade students from attending and not attending kindergartens



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