Analyzing the content of economics questions for the sixth grade literary subject according to Bloom’s classification

Assistant Lecturer. Rashid Saleh Mahdi Al-Jubouri

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The study aimed to analyze the content of the questions of economics for the sixth grade according to the Bloom classification. All the questions for the academic year (2005/2006 and until 2014/2015) were analyzed in the first round (278) of which (60) were major questions and (218) sub- , And the researcher designed a special form that includes six levels of knowledge area developed by Bloom for each of the acts described. The results of the study showed the concentration of the final exam questions at the level of the first and second classification of Bloom (memory, understanding) and neglected the last three levels (analysis, , And for all the years of the study sample. The questions also included a small percentage of the third level (application) for some years and their absence in other years.22-12

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