Curricula, challenges facing the educational system in Iraq, and ways to confront them

lecturer. Maithal Ahmed Abd - Lecturer. Aseel Abdel-Yamah

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Education is the transfer of experiences and customs, traditions and cultural heritage and civilizations of the world and societies and others, and this is only through the curriculum that is taught, we know that each behavior purposefully behind the idea of ​​moving education is driven by educational thought and education doctrine. Therefore, if we want to establish a real educational process to reap positive outcomes that would improve the educational reality in various fields should improve the selection of the type and quantity of these scientific curricula commensurate with the recipient and the use of modern methods and rapid delivery in it and refrain from the traditional methodology used in this and to use as much as possible Technologies and modern technologies available in the service of the educational curriculum and above all determine the desired goal of the curriculum.

Universities play an important role in enriching the practical fields in various types of disciplines on the basis of promoting the reality as it is the stage of specialization and is also a stage for the transfer of outputs from theoretical to practical reality and direct application. Because the university is the last stages of preparation, so be careful that the outputs are prepared correctly and can be relied upon when marketing to exercise its competencies.

The process of curriculum development is not a simple process is to withhold the scientific material from sources and their composition. Therefore, these curricula should have clear and pre-defined objectives in order to give these curricula their outputs properly in order to serve the educational process in particular and society in general. Professors specialized in the scientific material (careful specialization) and experts in the development of scientific curricula and to view the corresponding curricula, for the methodological individual to be developed, in the international universities and studied by a thorough study that these universities have a high experience can be used and stay in touch The study of society is the vital area from which education is derived. Its objectives and educational goals are derived from the nature of this society. Culture is an important aspect of society that must be taken into account. Curriculum, as well as other factors directly and indirectly, such as teaching methods and circumstances surrounding the educational process and the personality of both teacher and learner, and others.

The committee should also take into consideration the quantity and type of scientific material because it is subject to psychological factors. With different specialties. The curriculum is the mirror that reflects the reality of the society and its philosophy, culture, needs and aspirations, which is the image that implements the policy of States in all its political, social, cultural, educational and economic dimensions.

The method of teaching is as important as the development of the scientific method and its type. The lack of proper method in teaching the curriculum does not achieve the objectives to be achieved. Therefore, it is not necessary to adhere to the traditional methods of teaching the curriculum and resort to interactive methods, workshops, In order to give the student a role in the discovery of information and not to place the entire task on the professor, and thus the professor through these activities the role of assessment of students, as well as the exploitation of audio and video technology in the presentation of the scientific material that the practical methods are faster than the Wall Theoretical theory in the delivery and consolidation of information as it is more acceptable and not dull, taking into account the balance between the two methods (theoretical and practical) rate determined by specialists in the development of curricula, as indispensable theoretical method is the basis in the educational process.



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