The phenomenon of begging in Iraq “The reasons for begging among beggars in the city of Baghdad as an example”

Lecturer Dr. Nibras Taha Khammas

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It is determined by the problem of current research to answer the question the following: –

– What are the causes of the beggars begging in the city of Baghdad.

From the foregoing the importance of the current research considers Zerorh researcher to identify the reasons for the beggars begging in the city of Baghdad, and can be summarized rationale for the importance of research the following points:

  1. scarcity of Arab and Iraqi research on the subject (the reasons for begging the Altsolat in the city of Baghdad) as its content unique to the current search, and did not find a researcher, according to a study analogous to inform them of this research on the Iraqi environment level.
  2. The importance of women in development and community building and upgrading its part.
  3. The importance of civil society and its organizations in reducing this phenomenon, which has become longer career of professions developed in Iraq in general and Baghdad in particular the city, especially after the events of 09/04/2003.

The current research is aimed at identifying the causes of the beggars begging in the city of Baghdad.

And limited current research on beggars in the city of Baghdad and for the year (2016).

And the researcher building Current search tool is a questionnaire reasons for begging: it was built in the light of the open questionnaire and definition (Jerjaoi and hams, 2014) to beg and consists of (26) items, and consisted of a sample based questionnaire and apply it to (300) beggar from the city of Baghdad.

And characterized questionnaire psychometric characteristics of discrimination, honesty and reliability.

The researcher used statistical Pouch (SPSS) to analyze the data.

The researcher found the result: the level of the causes of begging the beggars in the city of Baghdad high compared with the broker premise, and this is a result of what, in Iraq from extraordinary events impact on all segments of society, particularly in economic terms that made the women work to make a living, but as a result of the difficulty in obtaining work found resort to begging in order to earn a secure living herself and her family, either in respect of any more severe than others paragraph is represented paragraph (1) is “following wars and crises and the current situation of Iraq, which led to a high incidence of unemployment and economic problems as a” weighing unlikely and weight percentile respectively (3.61), (118.78), and the lowest degree was the share of paragraph (18) “housing in densely populated areas and the necessary services are available, as having children, under these circumstances, to escape to the street, where awaits them as bad guys who influence them directly to their actions the orientation which often skew, homelessness, begging and all that away from parental care and guidance “as it represents the likely weighing and weight percentile respectively (2.61), (86.78).

Based on the results reached researcher to some of the recommendations and proposals.



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