Growing ethical problems and the role of educated elites in facing them

Dr.. Rua Majid Tohme - Assistant Prof. Dr. Ashjan Hamid Busi

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Intellectual elites represent real reform element in the communities being the closest and most briefing including going through our communities today, given the decline of moral values ​​in. This was due to the absence of the actual role of the toast, which is the cornerstone and the real desired reform, so we’ll try and through our research that highlight the role of the educated elite in the re-system moral values ​​to the real situation and who will contribute to creating an ideal society that aspires to him the whole of humanity.

It can not be that these elites succeed in activating its role in light of excluding them and prevent them from exercising real role in society, crisis ridden came by the fight for Freedom of Thought to them and to encourage Western ideas and visions as well as the neglect of realistic problems of society and this contributed to the decline in moral values ​​and the weakness of their role in society.

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