Drugs and their impact on society

Lecturer Dr. Raghad Jamal Al-Azzawi - Lecturer. Dr.. Khamayel Shakir - Lecturer. Dr.. Rasha Issa

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Introduction to Research

rugs are a dangerous scourge that threatens the society, its security and its

stability, because the individual who uses addiction may lose his life and his family, as well as the bad effects that drugs cause on the social life of the person. It destroys social relations because the addict or drug addict moves away from all around him to accompany drug friends. Addicted to fear of his irresponsible behavior and bad reputation, and perhaps a form of social damage to drugs also on the individual to resort to theft and commit crimes to obtain money and loss of consciousness leads to the conduct of acts of moral disgrace harmful to him and others and in some cases The person becomes aware of his body in return for getting drugs and social damage. The person who is addicted to education and work is also removed. The victim becomes dependent on society and begins to avenge him, as well as the health damage to the addicted person, causing disturbance in the general perception, especially when it comes to hearing and sight. The use of drugs to the imbalance in public thinking and thus lead to the corruption of the rule of things and things and the occurrence of strange behavior in addition to delirium and hallucinations, as the drug imbalance in the balance, which in turn causes some convulsions and difficulties in speech and expression of what is going on in mind As well as difficulty walking. , The addict who uses drugs in a volatile mood once he sees in a state of fun and ecstasy and a sense of satisfaction and comfort (after the drug) and follow this weakness in the level of mind and to the conflict of ideas he has after dealing feel happy and euphoria and live in a fantasy and absence from existence and increase activity and vitality, Soon the feeling of happiness and ecstasy changes to regret and a painful reality and a cold and fatigue accompanied by lethargy and depression,



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