Domestic violence and its effects

Dr.. Khamail Sami Al Saray

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The phenomenon of domestic violence is one of the oldest new topics in the world, known to history since the early days of human existence, which are common in the Iraqi society in particular, and what helped to spread this phenomenon is the wrong formation within the family, education and learning system and causes of personal autonomy, Economic and social problems that overlap with each other and contribute to community violence of all kinds

Family violence is one of the most common forms of verbal, physical or sexual abuse perpetrated by the strongest in the family against an individual or other individuals. They represent the weakest category of life, resulting in physical, psychological or social harm. It is an epidemic that attacked society in all its classes and classes. In all areas of life: at home, in the street, in clubs, then in school and other social settings, including non-recognition of others and victimization by hand or tongue because of three elements: hatred – marginalization – deletion of the other



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