The role of educational institutions in inculcating the values ​​of ethics in scientific research among university students

Assistant Dr. Hoda Karim Hussein

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Research Abstract                                                                                                      

The current research aims to know the role of educational institutions in instilling the values ​​of ethics of scientific research at the request of universities. In light of the objective of this research, the method of philosophical analysis was used to identify the concept of ethics of scientific research. The descriptive approach was also followed in studying the role of educational institutions in developing and instilling the values ​​of research ethics at the request of universities. The general structure of the research presented included the research objectives, importance, questions and methodology. The research findings, recommendations and suggestions that activate the values ​​of the ethics of scientific research when applying for and promoting universities in our society, as it is one of the main concerns in scientific research, and to ensure compliance with these ethics in conducting research, were answered.



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