The importance of educational complexes technology in teaching

Assistant Prof. Dr. Haider Khazal Nazal

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At present, technology is one of the important elements on which educational organizations depend on changes in the internal environment of the educational organization and in the surrounding external environment. Although modern education emphasizes the role of the learner as the focus of the learning process, The old is negative in the educational process is limited to the role of listening and receiving information, so it is necessary to work to create opportunities for students to gain experience through activity and practice and must change the methods used to make the student an active component, and The results of the current research that the technology of educational complexes have positive characteristics in terms of the definition of students for behavioral purposes and a pre-test to determine the level of students and put them in a single line of project, as well as the division of scientific material on the steps sequential and gradual and walk according to the speed of students self and also use audio and visual means of tablets (CD) by subject and self – tests found in. In the light of the results, the researcher recommended a number of proposals, the most important of which is the emphasis on the use of the technology of educational complexes in teaching importance and the opening of development courses to train the teaching staff to use the technology of educational complexes in social subjects, especially history. The researcher also proposed a number of proposals, And on both sexes to find out the effect of using the technology of educational complexes in teaching




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