Academic publishing in Iraqi universities and its role in supporting scientific research

استاذ.مساعد. د. حسين عليوي ناصر الزيادي

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The journal is a scientific journal that publishes specialized research in a specific field after it has been judged by a number of specialists. These journals are the first platform used by researchers to publish their latest findings and researches. The quality of research published in scientific journals According to the journal’s specialty. Scientific journals are often non-profit journals, usually under the umbrella of a university or an academic or research institution, and often ask the researcher to pay for some publishing and publishing costs.

The aim of the research is to study and explain the factors influencing academic publishing in Iraqi universities, to emphasize the current reality of the academic journals and to improve their work as the main tool for publishing scientific research, as well as their role in human development that focuses on man as a goal, purpose and means.

The University of Baghdad ranked first with 233 magazines followed by Basra University with 23 magazines and Mosul University with 20 magazines. . It has become clear that the number of researches published by the teachers in Iraqi universities is growing at an increasing rate, but most of them are far from the practical side. Moreover, these researches have not been marketed and have not been activated by the departments and institutions, but have remained captive to the shelves. And development in different directions.

The research resulted in a number of recommendations, including the restructuring of Iraqi scientific research to suit the state of development in global models, work on twinning scientific research in Iraqi universities with scientific research in international universities and the reclassification and structuring of some Iraqi scientific journals, To the value of published research as well as work on the establishment of a modern electronic system to ensure the archiving of published research in order to prevent scientific theft.




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