Methodological and educational methods in the Holy Quran

Assistant Prof. Dr. Azraa Ismail - Assistant Lecturer. Raed Ramthan Hussain Al-Tamimi

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How can we take advantage of the Holy Quran in the clarity of its educational methods and its compatibility with the requirements of human instinct? Let us try to fill the Diaspora created by contemporary cultures, material philosophies, cultural globalization, and then Trying to rebuild on a sound basis is the basis of education in the Holy Quran


The objectives of the research are:

1 – identify some of the methods found in the Koran for correct education

2 – Defending the Holy Quran at a time when the appellants are not only the enemies of Islam, but from the people who belong to Islam ostensibly, and they are among the most intransigent in it, support each dissent, and think that civilization is in conflict with the Koran and Islam.


search limits :-

Is limited to the methods of the Koran in education, and not all methods, but research limited in four methods only, and preceded by three educational axes, because the research is complementary, that is restricted in short otherwise the methods of the Koran far exceed this number

The educational axes are:

Mental education in the Holy Quran, psychological education, and faith.

And methods: the method of education letter emotional, and the caricatures and intimidation, and striking the example, and education story.

The researcher followed the inductive method analytically, inductive to the Qur’anic verses related to the subject analytically to derive its significance on the intended.

In each of the axes of education, I tried to explain the linguistic definitions, and then to demonstrate the comprehensiveness of Quranic education and its validity for every time and place through the three axes. I then studied the four methods and began the method of education with emotional discourse to show that the Quranic education is included For all instinctual and psychological arguments of man, and that the Qur’anic discourse is included for all the exciting methods of the effects of education in all directions. The method of deriving from the verses of the Holy Quran and citing them is the general method of research



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