Educational competencies of Islamic education teachers

Assistant Prof. Dr. Raghad Ismail Jawad

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The emergence and emergence of the movement of education on competencies is linked to the trends of educational renewal witnessed in this century, which came as a response to criticism of traditional programs in education as they are no longer able to achieve their goals and to link with the needs of modern man. Among these trends towards education based on competencies and building educational programs, The role of the recipient of knowledge And heritage to the role of real professional performance, which imposes a degree of control and control and practice under the principle of accountability and responsibility, which represents one of the movements of education based on competencies, has helped the success of this movement other entries coincide with the emergence and emergence, and thus became the movement of teacher-based education competencies of the most prominent The features of contemporary education and the most common in the educational circles interested in Which is concerned with the education of teachers and requires the process of teaching varied competencies.

And many must be available to the teacher, and these competencies acquired by the teacher during the years of preparation for this profession, and based at the same time on the components of personality and the characteristics that constitute a whole unit of that personality.

Based on this important position of the teacher is responsible. for the achievement and show the acquisition of those competencies for the necessity of the effectiveness of learning and may have a role in determining these competencies required and accordingly the title of this research (educational competencies of teachers of Islamic education).

The research consists of an introduction and a first subject which includes: the concept of sufficiency, language and terminology, and a second study, which includes the components of efficiency and sources of derivation. The third topic highlighted the types of educational competencies. The fourth topic included the educational competencies required for teachers of Islamic education. The researcher then concluded with a conclusion in which she summarized the findings of the research.





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