Knowledge in light of technologies (educational and learning programs) as a model

Lecturer Dr. Khamayel Shakir Al Jamali - Lecturer Dr. Raghad Jamal Manaf

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The rapid development witnessed by the global educational system is in fact a change in the public life in all its joints. Thus, the Iraqi educational system must follow the march of the Arab and international educational system. Our educational system must be characterized by educational programs based on sound scientific foundations in various sciences. Knowledge in general, and, in particular, student achievement, to elevate our society to universality, using non-traditional learning methods based on the program, in particular the learning-learning program, which is a comprehensive and integrated work plan of skills and Hem, rules and procedures proposed theories, which helps students achieve their educational goals according to their abilities, needs and interests and according to a set of guidelines that allow students to progress towards achieving the goals set specifically linked to that.



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