Curriculum and national identity

Assistant Prof. Dr. Azra Ismail Zaidan - Dr.. Zaid Salem Suleiman

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The curriculum plays a central role in the education of citizenship, as a set of courses that include educational activities that seek to achieve the individual’s preparation for life. The citizen, who is conscious and committed to his society and unconditional loyalty, is keen to protect his achievements in ensuring his development and advancement. It is interesting to note that the size of the social materials is very low in importance because it did not play an important role in the development of civic sense and loyalty to the society and to the values ​​of citizenship, so it must die right from US Allocated to the program of the school curricula develop a code of time develop a sense of national voluntary direction of the nation.

In the light of the results of the research, the researchers recommended that the concerned authorities be interested in developing the curriculum of any special booklet on the development of the spirit of patriotism and citizenship among primary school pupils, activating the role of the school administrations through establishing activities for the citizenship of learners and workshops and seminars for educational institutions in the development of citizenship and patriotism in various fields among learners



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