The role of computer technology in teaching

Assistant Prof. Dr. Mohammed Shalal Obaid

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The teaching is subject to many problems because of the provision of the material in a preventive way based on memorization only and neglect of the means and techniques of education, including computer technology, as well as the departure of most teachers from the adoption and employment of computer technology in the presentation of the article, which deprives the learner to employ the sense of sight in receiving information, 83%) of the learning process gets the learner to adopt the sense of sight while the contribution of hearing rate (11%). Therefore, the departure of teachers from the use of computer technology in the service of the educational situation will deprive the learner to a large share in the sense of vision in learning. The results of the present research indicate that learning using computer technology is due to the positive characteristics of this technique in raising the scientific level. Many studies have proved the effectiveness of the computer as educational educational technique in the various subjects, in addition to its effectiveness in the development of many mental abilities, Making mistakes and improving the scientific attitudes of the learners, which helped to increase their achievement.

In light of the research results, the researcher made a number of recommendations and suggestions.



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