The role of geography in regional planning and development

Prof.Dr. Hussein Aliwi Nasser Al-Ziyadi - Dr. Ayman Ahmed Ali Shalzam

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Geographical witnessed since the middle of last century trend towards intensive fields applied, the numbers have increased geographers who are involved in the planning processes clearly during the past few years. The role of geographical applied in the development and planning may pull revetment development processes both frameworks which contain regions of planning, and detection specificity and uniqueness of each region diagram, or tightens the development processes best suited to the specificity and uniqueness of each geographic region.

From here, this study shows the role of science and geography in planning and regional development; since development has become Bochkalhma various planning and strategic choice is important for the well-being of people and communities, but no doubt that the science of geographic various branches is best able to achieve development through planning fruitful because of the comprehensiveness of this science.

This research aims to statement the importance of science and geography in planning and regional development, including geo-owned science of holistic visions, by clarifying the importance of geography, and contemporary developments, and its relationship to science and technology. And study the concepts of planning and development, and their removal. The research aims to clarify the tripartite relationship between planning and development, geographic, and monitoring trends in geography and its role in planning and development. Also targeted research also monitor the role of geographic applied in the service of society, and thus the main objective of this study is to find out the role of geography in the planning, and then followed by the role of planning in a comprehensive regional development to ensure that the real growth in all areas, in a balanced and parallel to human beings and human beings.

The results showed that the enjoyment of geographical balance and varied information about the characteristics of an integrated region, which is planned for development; also has a sophisticated and enlightened thought and visions of an integrated and technical skills and a variety of research and field work through the system, and one to serve the cause of Planning and Regional Development. And that geography is no longer just a description of the features it has become a complex cognitive system that combines the results of the natural sciences; therefore difficult to find development opportunities without success to have the role of geography because development is based on the natural and human variables which is the main content of the science of geography.

The study recommended that the geographical location and one of the team specializes in the planning, it would experience geography that insight this team with all the factors and considerations that interfere in the drafting of the background of the targeted plan, so we call we geographers ministers and officials from the planning and development processes to use Paljgravean mainly in the planning teams development and implementation of plans and follow-up target



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