An analytical historical study on Al-Madina document (Al-Madina paper)

Lecturer Dr. Raghad Jamal Manaf

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Prepare a document or the newspaper or the Constitution of the city of the most important events in Islamic history because it formed an important turning point for the construction of a new state led by the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) when he migrated to regulate the relationship between the community groups in the city between the migrants and supporters and the Arab polytheists and Jews, they do represent a first civil constitution in history included aspects of several points, including a coalition of Muslims with each other and obligations of immigrants and supporters, rights, duties, and one of the paragraphs of the Prophet Muhammad Treaty (Allah bless him and his family) with the Jews to know what their rights and their duties and obligations.
Included document prophetic or the Constitution of the city a number of legal and human rights items to regulate all aspects of people’s lives in Yathrib, and to clarify the shepherd his own subjects, and the judge relationship and etiquette to achieve equality and justice, safety and cooperation between people of different denominations and social classes and not compromising their tenets and religions, as the separation of the principle of consultation between the ruling and the governed and the shepherd and his flock, and the regulation of relations between the various components of the city community of all classes, individual and group, and the governor in accordance with the Principles of the Koran and the Sunnah, to ensure solidarity among all members of the nation in various fields, to build a true Islamic state living under the shadows of all the boredom and the various sects and this humanitarian guideline principles defending the oppressed and the protection of neighbor and help the debtor and care for the rights of private and public and other other humanitarian things, dailies or the document was under regulation of relations in this new Islamic society, whether between components or later within his brigade and a private who was the city’s Jews, also placed the paper the basic principles of this society new as the Muslim nation and one of them parents of some collaborators including Athabon and Atrahmon leaving strife and tribal diet ignorance is no difference between black and white is not between Arab and Ajami only piety, as shown (newspaper) the fact that freedom for all people away from fanaticism even with the Jews who gave them their full rights right neighborhood is committed to the terms of the newspaper.
The aim is clear from the set of building Islamist peaceful society built on a sound foundation based in its provisions to the Book of Allah and the Sunnah of the holy, and to contain the people of this city and to provide safety and happiness and goodness to them under the shade of a just government, regardless of religion, race, creed, based on tolerance, cooperation and love and humanity among the sons of civil society in all the different categories.



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