The role of the knowledge economy in the economic and social development of Iraq

Assistant Prof. Dr. Wafa Abdul Jabbar Omran

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This study dealt closely with the aspirations towards comprehensive Arab development in accelerating it. It dealt with the expected elements of the achievement of the components of the knowledge economy in the Arab countries through three topics. Where he dealt with the first research and the presentation of theoretical frameworks in how to acquire knowledge and how to accumulate. While the second topic dealt with the nature of the structure of the knowledge economy existing in the Arab countries and obstacles to the use of tools and supplies and the role of the knowledge economy. As for the third and last research, I was interested in revealing the appropriate Arab strategy and how to choose it to achieve the knowledge economy.

The study concluded with a number of conclusions, foremost of which is the continuous decline in the level of education, the low level of research and development, the bureaucratic nature of what is used in addition to the lack of horizontal exchange in the field of information among the Arab countries and the expulsion of human resources, . It also highlighted a fundamental point in the absence of a strategy for the information content industry, which is considered the most important component of the information society, as the focus is now on developing the basic infrastructure of the information society.

The recommendations of the study focused on giving the utmost importance to the restructuring of education in all its stages. As well as work to find the appropriate Arab environment to build an Arab industry for the content of knowledge shared by the public and private sectors consistent and consistent with the industry of knowledge content in developed countries. The study also emphasized the policy of preserving the Arab human resources, especially the scientific competencies of dimensions and displacement through activating the educational and training process and working on the return of minds and competencies by emigrating to the Arab world.


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