Agricultural land uses in the area of ​​(Ain al-Tamr)

Assistant Prof. Kifah Dakhil Abees - Assistant Prof .Dr. Wissam Abdullah Jassim - Assistant Prof. Dr. Ali Lifta Saeed

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The geography of agriculture is an important type in human geography, because it examines the topics that concern the agricultural side, which takes upon itself to provide food to humans, whether through crops or animal products. As for the area of ​​study is represented by the eye of the date of the province of Karbala, which is considered one of the most important agricultural districts in the province. The researcher will try to shed light on the agricultural land uses in the elimination of different varieties. The researcher will try to shed light on the types of agricultural land use in the judiciary and the arable areas at the level of different agricultural crops. This study aims to develop an appropriate study supported by numbers and spatial analysis of these uses to be available to the relevant governmental institutions. The researcher faced many difficulties such as lack of office resources and the difficulty of obtaining information related to the subject. In this research, the researcher used the analytical descriptive method based on the analysis of numbers. The research came with three research, conclusions, recommendations and list of sources.



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