Educational management systems and constants of success In the educational and behavioral process

Assistant Prof. Dr. Abdel Rahman Ibrahim Hamad Al-Ghantousi - Assistant Lecturer. Ahmed Muhammad Ali

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Management is imperative in any human society and for all kinds of organizations and groups, whatever their different forms. The collective effort can not be achieved except through full cooperation between individuals, and only the needs of individuals are met. The management in its concept is to use the available resources efficiently and effectively through planning, organizing, directing, monitoring, and evaluating to achieve the objectives of groups or institutions, in addition to selecting the right man to achieve the requirements of successful management. In the educational process there is a great need for the management process to achieve the desired goals. And the full cooperation between individuals can be achieved only through them, and the needs of individuals are met only through the fact that the educational process is an integrated approach and a comprehensive system of human life, religious and secular. The researchers reached, through their current research, several results, whichever comes as follows:

  1. Commitment not to link school grades to students and other psychological factors
  2. Pay attention to satisfy the basic needs of students who are retarded
  3. Students vary in creative abilities, meaning that the differences between them are differences in degree, not in type, or quantitative differences, not how, and therefore, students are distributed for the nature of creativity natural distribution.
  4. Modification and development of the curriculum to be formulated in ways that explode and activate the creative abilities of students

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