The role of the school and the family in bringing up individuals And community development

Assistant Lecturer. Asma Khazal Abdel Saheb

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The school considered the means by which Astunaha community next to the family for the transfer of civilization and culture and guide the children the proper social destination in order to acquire the intellectual, emotional and social habits that do not help them not only on the right adjustment in the community but also on the progress of this society. The school and the family are therefore two institutions that Astunaha community to oversee the process Alajtmaih.olhma understanding vehicles through which through which human pass to future generations past experience and plans and projects and future falling generally within the so-called educational programs, implicitly, as is the case in every family, or in a structured and orderly as in school … but independence the two institutions and the different nature at the level of structure as well as the potential of management and then measure, imbedded (and in the eyes of many) do not differ collaborate on an ongoing basis to achieve the actual goal of every one of them, which is originally a common goal. Because communities vary in the social heritage of political, economic and organized according to the different curricula general philosophical vision of man and life in general, and for all members of the community a definite desire to maintain the integrity of the community, with its values ​​and ways of living which values ​​derived from their experience for generations and social lives so he sees its survival and continuity for its survival.

The school and the family are considered the two institutions Alterboythan most important among the rest of the other institutions, given effective for their role in the purposeful and systematic work depending on the goals and philosophy of the community as a whole. So what is that role? Could there be true breeding without schools? What is the role of the family? What school do with the family? And how they contribute to both the school and the family in the development of society? In the socialization of individuals?



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