The means of modern technology and their impact on communication between parents and children (Internet and mobile phone as a model)

Assistant Instructor, Ibtihaj Abbas Ahmad

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Of the characteristics of man that he is social by nature, since his presence on the face of the earth as he moves with engines moving, including:

The values ​​of the family, the school, and the society in the past. There are alternatives to these social institutions, and even these institutions have fallen to a large extent and replaced the devices of technology in raising children.

What draws attention in today’s interpersonal relationships is the use of modern technology to convey any message of any kind, so that individuals often do not communicate directly through the mouth, but use modern means of communication, such as the Internet, mobile phone – which became a handicap Almost – without taking into account any health or psychosocial consequences on the individual.

Despite the importance of these means in communicating information as far as possible as soon as possible, it can not be forgotten on the other hand that these technologies have a negative aspect on relations, whether in the family or in society, and the question is:

What: The nature of communication within the family? Are these methods always useful or are there significant consequences for the individual in the family?



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