School violence directed at children with learning disabilities in inclusive schools

Assistant Lecturer . Wafa Qais cream

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The study aimed to identify the level of school violence towards students with learning disabilities according to the teacher’s violence towards the disabled student, the violence of the student towards the disabled student, the study aimed at violence directed at the child with learning disability, difficulties in writing, difficulties in writing, difficulties with spelling and written expression. The study was carried out in the year 2015-2016, and 100 students were chosen, either deliberately or by 50 male students. , And (50) students from The researcher has constructed a scale to match the current research objective. The answers to the scales were corrected in the triple weights (3,2,1), thus reaching the highest score of 51, , And the lowest grade (17), and the average satisfactory (34). The study found that the school violence directed by the teacher and the normal child on the child with learning disabilities was severe and the researcher made a number of recommendations.

1 – Activating the role of media awareness of the importance of social integration and the need to create positive attitudes for children with educational disabilities in Iraqi families in order to educate their children to accept the most different.
2 – Develop a strict law to deal with cases of abuse of children with learning disabilities in schools merging
3 – Conducting workshops, seminars and training courses designed to develop the acceptance of the other (different) children, students and teachers.



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