Importation and cultural invasion and its impact on youth Causes and treatments

Assistant Lecturer. Munther Mahmoud Khalifa - Assistant Lecturer. Rasha Ali Fahd

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      There is no doubt that the changes and circumstances that have swept mankind in the last decades of the last century have affected and affected all aspects of life, whether political, economic, social, cultural or civil, which led to the advancement of humanity to enter a new phase of its history, Cultural officials), the officials of the cultural invasion campaigns focus on the youth of both sexes rather than on the other age groups, especially the middle age and the elderly, because young people are the sensitive nerve of the movement and the dynamics of the society.

      Therefore, the Cultural Invasion attempts to influence them and gain them and carry out tasks and tasks that serve the plans and objectives of the campaigns of cultural invasion in the Arab world, harming the heritage of the Arab Islamic religion, its reality, its achievements, its civilization, and its material and intangible data.        The first chapter deals with the problem of research, the importance of research, and the purpose of the research. The second chapter included the concept of cultural invasion, its causes, its characteristics, and its implications for the youth. , Goals, and effects, as well as ways to cure. 



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