Citizenship and the consolidation of human rights in Iraqi society

Prof.Dr. Beda Mahmoud Ahmed - Dr. Widad Jaber Ghazi

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Citizenship is a sense of belonging and loyalty to the country and the political leadership, which is the source of satisfaction of the basic needs and self-protection of the dangers of fate, so citizenship refers to the relationship with the land and the country, including the relationship of duties and mutual rights in that country, including this citizenship rank of freedom with the attendant Responsibilities.

The application of this concept (the principle of citizenship) in the Iraqi reality raises two main points: the appropriateness of the nature and style of the Iraqi state of this concept and the effective response to this concept.

The new Iraqi state is by all accounts considered a modern state in terms of democracy, that is, it is one of the countries that takes the first steps towards democracy and freedom. The foundations of this state are fundamentally lacking in constitutional institutions capable of crystallizing a clear vision of the society in which citizenship is a cornerstone



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