Persuasion is an educational method in The Holy Quran

Assistant Prof. Dr. Loma Saadoun Jasim

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The Islamic call is based on a constant and firm principle in addressing the public in general, and this principle is based on the good word and wisdom, because the wisdom makes the process of persuasion as much as right things as it makes the vision of the believer to see the need of the public address and address it as required and thus implemented to Their hearts from the widest doors, Vtnshrh them chests, and see the Savior them keen on their happiness and security and their future

The subject of the current research deals with a topic that is one of the most important topics related to the Islamic religion, because addressing the minds and hearts is an art that only those who possess its tools can do.

The architect takes into consideration in his design to build the era in which he is and what is required, although the materials of the building is one in reality, and so whenever his design is a beautiful new, nothing is disrespectful whenever the attention is distracted and distracted to their eyes. Today we are in an era where the engineers of religions, principles and ethics, Their goods are more complete and complete.

The duty of every Muslim is to strive to offer his religion in the best manner and to prepare a conference by saying: “Call your Lord’s path with wisdom and good exhortation, and argue with them that is better. If your Lord knows those who are astray, He knows best.”

In the conclusion of our research, it has been shown that dealing with man is one of the most dangerous types of dealing, so dealing with him must be civilized and that is because if the heart spoils the whole body, the corruption of man corrupts life. Is he a lifeless man of these ages? And proved the reality that the political goals, the lofty goals, and foremost the call of people permission to the conversations of God can not be achieved only through tenderness and tenderness because the challenge and the argument under the pretext of some of the owner of others, and persuasion as the most important means of advocacy to the religion of God Almighty is certainly achieved with permission God Almighty benefits great if committed to the basis of methodological approach invited guests on the one hand and the same on the other hand, as it is raised in a way of thinking and performance, which makes it acceptable to others to a large extent and makes the likelihood of conviction of his ideas even more.




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