The social and political role of the military establishment in the republican era

Prof. Dr. Thana Muhammad Saleh Assistant Lecturer, Hussein Ibrahim Adai

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The present study focused on a historical introduction, two main points and several points. The research dealt with the roots and origins of the members of the armed forces and how they merged with the liberation movements and the growth of national, national and other ideas in them.

The first paragraph dealt with the social role of the military institution in the republican era, its policies with society at home and abroad, and the most important foundations for promoting society and eliminating the consequences of the monarchy, regardless of the pros and cons produced by the military government. , Which eventually led to purely family alignments belonging to the family of power.

The second part is the political role of the military institution in the Republican era. It dealt with its first political roles in the July 14 revolution, and with the pre-emptive uniqueness that led to a final monopoly on power until 2003.



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