Volunteering and its effects on women’s mental health

Assist Prof. Dr. Mona Khalifa Abjal

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The women have an vital role in society. The women represent backbone of society structure. Further more , the mental health of woman affects the configuration of her personality, and at the end of the day affecting public life, the family members and society as a whole. This research aims at identifying the effects of volunteering on the mental health of women. In order to achieve the objective of research,  the researcher adopted a scale (Tiger 2009) for mental health to the Iraqi environment. The researcher managed to come up with psychometric properties. This paper has been applied on a sample of volunteers and results showed positive effects of volunteering on the mental health of women. Thw volunteering women in Civil society organizations have high mental health because volunteering work helped the min doing more active role than everincon  tributing to the development of society and the development of personality




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