Foreign vocabulary and phrases that invade the youth’s language and its impact In pride in the Arab identity

Assist. Prof.Dr. Khaleda Abd Abdullah - Assist. Prof. Dr.Sabiha Hassan Taees

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Arabic is an identity of its speakers. It is distinguished by its special characteristics. It is the highest level of being just a language and is more profound and more in line with its logic and distinctiveness. The Arabic language competes with the dialects of the everyday life of its citizens. It competes with foreign languages ​​that produce modern civilization, especially in medicine, science and technology. Computer and modern terminology, which distracts the efforts of their children and their ideas.

In order to protect the Arabic language from foreign vocabulary, the researchers recommend, through their current research, a number of recommendations, most important of which is the teaching of the Arabic language using texts related to contemporary reality. These texts should be meaningful and the use of old texts until the student possesses language skills through which he can successfully deal with them.




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