Ways to achieve educational security for orphan children in Iraq

Prof.Dr. Suhaila Abdul Redha Askar

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Research Summary:

The activation of the educational process for children in general, and orphan children, in particular, is one of the important issues that accorded religious texts great care to this stage of a major impact in the personal future of the child where it starts to take shape for this character in the first years of life, and the line that Tmahdh family at this stage remains very strong firm in the child’s mind and personality as it is personal leadership or personal shaky lacking in self-confidence

There are significant numbers of children who helped them luck the presence of fathers and mothers of saturated awareness of education and are keen to keep up with the course of their sons and daughters the educational and familiar with all aspects of Bhajyatem and requirements to training, education, and proper education, and determined to accompany them in all stages and stroke are cutting until you reach the last station from their path academic, educational, obtaining the certificate that entitles them access to the world of the job, but on the other side, we find that children are lost Aabaihm and became Daúaan between leaving school and education and between the quest to provide a living for folks after he became the child is the breadwinner for his family after the loss of his father or mother of by wars and explosions and terrorist operations.

That the child was an orphan after losing his father or mother or both feel deprivation absolute denial of satisfying its needs, emotional and spiritual, educational, and estimated by the United Nations to take care of mothers and children, “UNICEF” The number of orphans in Iraq by about 4 5 million children and they are on the rise as a result of armed actions and the security situation is stable, and they do not get most of them on moral or material assistance needed from government departments.

From here lies the importance of current research by emphasizing the importance of security education, including the magnitude of the responsibility for the high in the composition of the future and industry generations and the formation of the value system and the cognitive and Marathi for all members of society, especially children who are orphans because this segment of the marginalized and the oppressed as they class bad luck denied limit minimum decent life by denying them basic family cradle for comfort, safety and stability, as the love of parents and Hananama not Aawwadhma anything.

The current research aimed know the ways to achieve security education for orphaned children.

Researcher has reached to a set of conclusions that are of the most important are ways to achieve security education for orphaned children, namely:

1. All the different state institutions, especially the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Labour and Social Caan responsibility to achieve security for all educational children, particularly orphans through the development and implementation of educational strategies appropriate for children orphaned by Noayatem with the provision of appropriate educational environment for them.

2. The allocation of material and salaries in kind by the state ministries concerned with children who are orphans, to provide the necessary supplies for the educational atmosphere of the orphans and enable them to continue their studies to ensure their security education.

3. Media campaign on TV and in newspapers and magazines educate orphans to care for them, in order to preserve a childhood lost in the alleys of homelessness is done in collaboration with civil society organizations to provide entertainment, games and children’s books and educational stories.

4. The need to provide free and compulsory education and vocational preparation for the orphans after they graduate from school, and that the initiative centers specialized professional, and here highlights the role of civil society in the work centers with professional preparation to achieve this orphanage.

The researcher recommends are:

1. State institutions interest orphans by selecting the day of the child an orphan and activate this day slogans and speeches in mosques and lectures in schools about the importance of care and to ensure that the orphan and volunteer work with this group and make a day of the best we enter the joy and happiness to the heart of the orphan child of them feel that the community feels their is a his parents, who serves as Vqdahma and provide all the requirements to live a well-off to him.

2. Organizing cultural programs in recreational weekend at events and festivals by state institutions and civil society organizations, orphans worthwhile to notice them and they are part of a great community.

3. Perform a comprehensive evaluation of the Arab educational curricula current and developing methods help develop positive attitudes and values ​​necessary to achieve security education for our children.





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