The problem of unemployment is a study of the concept, causes and economic and social dimensions

Assist.Prof.D. Ahmed Bahaa Abdel Razzaq - Assist.Prof.D. Wasim Abboud Attieh

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Research Summary

The problem of unemployment has become a major developmental obstacle in many third world countries and has become a threat to the stability of many regimes and governments in light of the increasing rates of population growth in these countries and the widening gap between production and consumption. The unemployment of young people in the developing world, as well as some of the developed world alike, is undoubtedly reflected in their behavior and their shadow over the social environment. Some of the developing societies (social and behavioral) are beginning to show images of abnormal situations such as drug abuse, theft, Social injustice and the result of this sense of frustration and internal defeat of the lack of belonging and violence and the commission of acts of terrorism and subversion and other groups may be suppressed within them, which over time turns into a sense of frustration and creates young people, psychologically and organically destroyed.

Unemployment in various countries of the world has become the problem of problems, but it is the mother of the problems that often lead to the aggravation of the consequences on society, as the first girls unemployment and poverty followed by the disease and then underdevelopment applied and there are about one billion unemployed workers distributed across the globe. Unemployment seems to have entered a new phase that is quite different from that of the post-World War II world, where unemployment was part of the economic cycle in the sense that it emerges as the recession unfolds and disappears with the recovery. Now, for more than a quarter of a century, unemployment has become a structural problem. Despite recovery and economic growth, unemployment is growing year after year. In the developing countries, unemployment is growing in general, with the continued failure of development efforts and the aggravation of external debt and the implementation of strict programs of fiscal discipline. It was further aggravated that there is a severe poverty in the current economic thinking to understand the problem of unemployment and ways to get out, which encouraged the emergence of some of the ideas that adopt the idea of ​​unemployment It has become a problem for victims of societies that have not adapted to the new concept of globalization or integrated into their economies.



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