Combating community unemployment through academic research (An analytical study)

Prof. Dr. Samar Rahim Al-Khuzai, _ Assist. Prof. Dr. Ali Al-Madani

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The problem of unemployment is one of the greatest problems affecting humanity, and this is the first reason to 4
attract many problems and difficulties negatively on the humanitarian reality of all nations and societies. Therefore, researchers focused on the academic role and efforts through their proposals to address unemployment and problems as much as possible.

The research consists of two main axes: the first entitled Unemployment (000 definition and its types) highlighted the intellectual meaning of it and the impact of the economic contraction on the developmental and living reality, as well as the behavioral side and its impact on that side.

The second axis was titled “Unemployment and Academic Studies”, which emphasized the scientific steps that must be returned to face the social disease that resulted from the long period that is defined by the era of the importance of the governmental institutions responsible to fight that economic and social deviation. Social and economic deterioration that has negative effects on reality and history.



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