The impact of informatics and social media on increasing family disintegration problems

Prof. Dr. Khalil Hassan Al-Zarkani - Lecturer. Venus Maytham Ali

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The modern means of communication and the technological breakthrough that has taken place in recent years have changed many aspects in our practical, study and family life. At a time when explosive communication technology has become accessible to all, it has brought with it family problems unless we have known it before. The family members surrounded the walls of isolation. Each one of them was sitting on his computer, surfing the Internet, or in conversation with friends or with unknown people. He lived with them in different relationships, some serious and useful, some for entertainment purposes.

The research aims to study the impact of the Internet and other electronic means on the disintegration of the family. The research included a number of axes including family disintegration, family unity, social media, women, social communication and social damage from modern technology, social communication on divorce, the impact of technical development on adolescents’ lives, and other topics, conclusions, recommendations, sources and references.




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