Domestic violence and behavioral deviations (adolescents as a model), a field study in Baghdad

Ass.Prof. Zainab Hashem Abboud

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The current reseach targeted identifying the correlation relationship between the domestic violence and deviant behavior among the intermediate stage students that through the detection about the statistical significance to the level of domestic violence according to the research fields , and the indication of the difference in deviant behavior according to the research fields among intertmediate stage students.

The current  research is determined the intermediate stage students with asmple which chosen randomly which is (200) students from the directorates Al-Rusafa .

To achieve the objectives of the research , the researcher has adobted (Abo asad ,2011) scale, As the researcher , built the deviant behavior scale

The reasearcher has used the social science statistical analysis (ssps) program in extracting the results , according to that the researcher gets the conclusions, recommendations and suggestion.


Key words :­ domestic violence,behavioral deviation, Adolescencem



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