Body language – Its concept and its importance –

Prof.Dr. Suaad Hadi Hassan Al-Taie

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The study of body language is one of the most important psychological
and behavioral studies that have received the attention of researchers and
specialists in the field of psychology is the language of non-verbal
communication, through the body and its behaviors we can express the
components of the soul and what is going on in its mind and we can through the
body language is easily to understand around us without having to listen to a
single word as we can by understanding the body language to avoid many
movements and behaviors that are the same as those that are wrong and control
our words before they are uttered

The research addressed the concept of body language and the importance
of mentioning it in the holy Quran and its implications, as well as referring to
the mechanisms of body language and clarifying the concept of a number of
movements and gestures of the body and eye looks and movement of arms and
fingers and the way of sitting and standing and


Keywords : Looks , Gestures , Fingers ,Anger , Jealousy




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