The difference between violence and nonviolence Contemporary Social Reading

Ass.Prof.D. Ghada Ali Hadi _ - lecturer. Raghad Jamal Manaf

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When a person loves his nature and loves freedom, justice and equality, his imagination aspires to this bright image of a decent life despite the contradiction of the reality in it, and whenever a person finds solid will, organized work and appropriate tools, he is not an effort to change his political, social and economic reality, and in the past Thinking about force and how to obtain it out of change motivated by violence was often on people’s minds, that violence and counter-violence originate in an environment of false consciousness and distorted perception, this environment must be corrected, and the crisis in political and media discourse is modified, and what the two sides of the conflict exchange of affirmations and accusations, and that when we We look from one dimension to a phenomenon that talks about the political dimension that does not end with the issue of freedom or legitimacy, but rather absorbs all aspects of building society as an integrated project, and political development and social balance remai

with cross-cutting issues, including those related to external occupation, including internal crises, from the absence of freedoms and blockages Prospects for political participation, lack of mutual recognition, disruption of the dialogue mechanism, and lack of equal opportunities.

From what appears to be political violence is the essence of the present crisis in most societies of the Islamic world, and it is almost the consort of political action in many Islamic countries with a difference in the details from one country to another, there is no doubt that we urgently need to study these contemporary problems and understand their dimensions all of them.



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