Spiritual intelligence and its relationship to personality styles among female students of kindergarten department

Lecturer Dr. Zina Abdul Mohsen Rashid

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The current research aims to identify the level of spiritual intelligence among students in the Kindergarten Department, the type of personality patterns (introspection-introversion) and the (neural-equilibrium) of female kindergarten students, and the relationship between spiritual intelligence and personality patterns.

In order to achieve the objectives of the research, a sample of (165) randomized random tables were selected from the female students of the kindergarten department at the Faculty of Basic Education, Mustansiriya University for the academic year 2017-2018. The measures of spiritual intelligence and personality patterns were adopted. The researcher also verified the statistical characteristics of the two scales of validity and consistency. After checking the standard characteristics of the measurements, they were applied to the students. After the implementation of the application, the appropriate statistical means were used to analyze the data. The results showed the following:

  1. The members of the current research sample enjoy spiritual intelligence.
  2. The members of the current research sample enjoy the character of the personality and the balance.

3 – There is a positive positive correlation between the degrees of spiritual intelligence and personality patterns (extinction – introversion) and (neurosis – balance) in the members of the research sample.

In the light of the results, the researcher made some recommendations and proposals related to the current urge





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