Psychological and behavioral problems among displaced children

lecturer. Aseel Ismail Mohamed - Assistant Lecturer. Shafak Muhammad Saleh

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The current research aims to identify the psychological and behavioral problems of displaced childrenThe objectives of the research:

1 – identify the psychological and behavioral problems of the sample as a whole.

2 – identify the problem that emerged most in the pupils

The study sample consisted of 120 students and students of the first, second and third elementary grades of 60 students and 60 students. The researchers constructed a measure to achieve the research objectives. It was presented to specialists and experts in this field. It was applied to the sample and the results were extracted after using the appropriate statistical methods The T-test and the Pearson correlation coefficient. The researchers found the following results

  1. The sample as a whole has behavioral and psychological problems

2 – The problem of fear has had a greater impact on children


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