Journalism and media ethics – an insult to the image of Iraqi women in Asharq Al-Awsat newspaper as a model

Muayad Abdul-Jabbar Khudair - Zaid Salem Suleiman

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The image of women in the media has been presented in various forms and images, ranging from positive to negative. A careful reading of the various media will give an initial impression of a significant social and humanitarian problem, which deserves investigation. Hence, two treatments for the employment of women and their media issues are highlighted; one is to provide positive and the other to exploit its image negatively! This is confirmed by the survey of the practical reality and confirmed by some sources, research and articles that addressed the description of abuse of women and issues,

Attention to the issue of women has become a fundamental and crucial issue in human social remedies. Women and their organizations, leaders of countries, communities, civil institutions, professionals, educators and reformers, regardless of their schools and material and spiritual faculties, become the dominant feeling among women that women are still captive to ideas that confiscate their role and impose patriarchal vision and repressive regimes that have complicated matters Special. The various media have played a far-reaching role in portraying this phenomenon in light of its portrayal of the woman who has become corrupt or commodity or subjugated. Hence, the two researchers found that delving into how to present the image of women and address their issues in the Arab media is what may reveal what the media aims at Intentionally or unintentionally to actually install it to read the degree of excellence and the images and methods produced by many of our media tools in addressing the various issues of women



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