Bribery in government transactions, proposals and solutions

Assistant teacher. Basma Abboud Majeed - Assistant Lecturer, Sahar Khalil Ismail

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For the purpose of giving a clear picture of this study, it included an introduction and three topics. The first topic dealt with the methodology of the study which consists of (problem, importance, objectives and study tools). The first topic was devoted to the theoretical presentation of the subject of bribery consisting of six paragraphs (the concept of bribery, fighting it, the environment that helps spread it, its causes, types and damages). The third part of the study included the conclusions and proposals within two paragraphs presented in the first paragraph, Study of the subject of the research while the second paragraph made proposals in five points to reduce the phenomenon of bribery.

The study concluded with a review of the conclusions reached, as well as proposals that would contribute to solutions to reduce the crime of bribery



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