Drug abuse and psychotropic substances in Iraq and methods of treatment

Dr . Nebras Taha Khamas - Dr. Ban Hikmat Abdul Karim

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Drugs are becoming a serious scourge that has engulfed a large number of young people in different societies. The negative impact of drug abuse is not only reflected on addicts and their families, but also extends to society as a social fabric. Some of the crimes are related to drug abuse, The impact of drugs such as murder and rape is not only that, but that there are a lot of economic losses incurred by countries due to the spread of the phenomenon of drugs and these losses are reflected in the general government spending on combating the phenomenon such as the formation of departments and agencies competent to combat them from police and guards The boundaries of departments and customs and forensic medicine and the purchase of devices to ensure unearthing and identifying its kind and what is spent on guests in prisons and the accompanying spending on treatment and rehabilitation programs.

In Iraq, it is not much different from other countries in terms of drug trafficking and promotion, although Iraq has been in the past one of the corridors of drug promotion among the countries of the region at present is becoming the state in which the manufacture of drugs and development of its species, especially the manufacture of crystal and poppy cultivation where investigations In some of the cases investigated by the investigation courts, the possibility of manufacturing certain materials such as crystal in the kitchens of ordinary homes and in view of the risks that this phenomenon poses to the health of individuals and the safety of society, the law enforcement devices in the face of a major challenge is to undermine the impact of this crime and referral of And this is what was confirmed by the law of narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances No. 50 of 2017 Iraqi, and such a law is an important factor in the fight against drugs in Iraq, especially as it provided for the establishment of a national authority for drugs and psychotropic substances, which will undertake to develop a comprehensive national strategy to combat the drug trade and Should be a real contributor to the reduction and use of drugs




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