Domestic violence and its impact on character building

Lecturer Dr. Khamayel Shakir Al Jamali - Lecturer Dr. Raghad Jamal Manaf

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Although this phenomenon of negative violence is nothing new, it exists since the presence of man on the surface of the earth; This may be logical or familiar to those who did not study different sciences such as biology and science, which are related to evolutionary logic or evolution, such as anthropology and geology. The researcher realized that the phenomenon of violence (family) had existed since the man was found on earth. Where it is not limited to a particular time or place but has existed since the story of “Cain and Abel” to this day, and is distributed geographically in every spot on this land and practiced – unfortunately – members belonging to all religions and races and social classes and economic, and we can divide family violence to Three types:

  1. Violence against women.
  2. Violence against children.
  3. Violence against the elderly.

In the past, life was based on the “extended family” consisting of parents, sons and sons, and the distribution of power and decision was equal so that the stronger did not dominate the weakest Without obstacles or interference from other extended family members


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