The role of cultural and educational institutions and their responsibility towards the culture of the child and its literary publications in Iraq

Assistant Prof. Dr. Tahira Dakhil Taher

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The culture of children has been clearly and seriously confined to the media institutions, which is clearly visible in the morning and entitled “Sun of the morning” 13 years ago. It is a mini-newspaper for the original newspaper in color newspapers with various information.

It is harmful to be concerned that you have been so far as to have obtained a degree in the field of higher education. The Door. To establish what we miss really and fact is ((a clear approach to criticism of children’s literature))

We recognize that the artistic work of literature in the culture of the child needs a lot because its culture is linked to the success of the accompanying technical means such as drawing, printing and output, not to mention the requirements of expertise that require and urgent need to attend the three necessities: efficiency – funding – training



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