The problem of random housing in cities

Prof. Dr. Bashir Ibrahim Ailatif - Lecturer. Dr. Areej Bahjat Ahmad - Lecturer. Dr. Sinaa Adnan Abdullah

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The problem of random housing is one of the phenomena that accompanied the phenomenon of urbanization and the expansion of cities as it emerged as one of the solutions to face this phenomenon. The random housing has always been the beginning of increasing the percentage of land use allocated to housing to face the problem of housing and housing deficit resulting from the rapid growth of urbanization phenomenon. Of the negative effects on the city and the pattern of planning and the population of the city and its services and security, it was necessary to find appropriate solutions to stop this random tide threatens both the city and the countryside by identifying the real reasons behind the accelerated growth of cities and address Which lies in the deterioration in the countryside and improve the rural environment or the outskirts of cities in all areas of economic life, social and service will stop the march towards the city or its center only then can control the housing problem and prevent the emergence of slums by controlling the causes of the emergence of housing problems and slums


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