A proposed perception of the role of the curriculum for social subjects In achieving citizenship education

Professor Dr. Laith Hammoudi Ibrahim Al-Tamimi - Assistant Prof. Dr. Tomader Abdul-Jabbar Ibrahim Al-Ahmadi

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Citizenship education is a pattern of social upbringing by formal or informal educational institutions. Socialization is one of the basic processes in human life, because the elements of the personality of the individual are crystallized through them. The importance of this process is that “it transforms the individual from a weak, helpless creature into a person capable of interacting in the social environment that he contains under his control.” It also helps the individual to move from absolute dependence and dependence on others and self-centered in the early stages of his life to independence, positive and self-reliance.

Social studies are basic subjects that have been settled in the curriculum for a long time in the collection of the academic stages. The interest in the curricula of social studies in planning, design, construction and development has increased due to the awareness of the educational authorities of their importance in the personality of the integrated and productive citizen.

So the current search goal

1- Explain the concept of citizenship and its development, its components, its contemporary trends and education in order to achieve them

2 – Proposing a vision for raising citizenship suitable for the Iraqi environment

To achieve the objectives of the research, the researchers put two axes believed to be related to achieving the objectives of his current research as follows:.

1 – Citizenship history, its concept of its components, contemporary trends, and education to achieve them

2 – Imagine a proposal to achieve citizenship education suitable for the Iraqi environment.

Through the presentation of the problem and its importance and the focus of the research, the two researchers presented the recommendations, the most important of which included indicators of citizenship education in the content of the curricula of social studies. And provides specific goals for citizenship education linking the curriculum with the educational strategy, so that the goals are translated into content that contributes to the development of citizenship education. The researchers put the sources and references related to the content of the current research.



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