Global experiences in developing education and the possibility of benefiting from them

Assistant Professor Dr. Nada Faisal

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     The programs of educational institutions must be reviewed to expose them to a lot of criticism because they have become obsolete and isolated from reality and failed to build a human being aware of the problems of society so the urgent need to find alternatives and solutions to educational institutions and programs in the education of generations and the follower of the latest developments in the field of curriculum and teaching find a lot of Experiences leading to the development of schools and educational institutions that keep pace with the age and meet the aspirations of communities in the education of generations, such as the approach of activity and units and the central approach and the integrated trend in teaching and other programs that meet the aspirations of communities in building generations And the integration of their growth and their personalities from all aspects of mental and spiritual and physical and focuses on the ways to develop the thinking and creativity of the learner as well as the development of the spirit of cooperation and participation in the hearts of the pioneers of scholars, in addition to being an aspiration to the needs and problems of their community and guide them to scientific methods of thinking and At the same time help to develop their talents and tendencies and examples of these schools Maati:

    In the United States, schools have adopted several alliance initiatives, involving school, family, and community to improve and improve the academic, social and professional development, including the Stephen Town Community School in California, which demonstrated that this type of school is capable of promoting family values ​​and reducing the crime .

    As well as the Global Education Program: which aims at education for global citizenship, which China adopted and considered schools as global institutions aimed at creating global citizens. The course was presented by the China Center for Research in Educational Excellence in 2005, which is developing an educational model that combines the best The practices of Eastern and Western education traditions to help students develop the knowledge, skills and views needed to be more competitive in an age of globalization. This school emphasizes three things: exploration, experimentation and expression, and asking every learner to (explore, try, cross)N talk Socrates program held by non-governmental organizations in European countries (Holnda_ Bljika_ Spain) carried the name of the first Greek philosopher Socrates, and this program is characterized by being encouraged members of the community to dialogue and learning. This program has achieved notable successes has its impact on the organization of European unity grant several awards

 As for Britain, the Open University has been keen to develop the experiences of learners and develop them to be able to manage the renewal and advancement of the human being and the community has been developed by many educators, academics and representatives of other sectors of society to make the university qualified to meet the needs of the community in a contemporary and capable To address the problems, from the above it turns out that to raise the reality of the concerted efforts of the community with all institutions and on top of educational institutions to promote the reality of the generation and height of his ideas away from extremism and intolerance and inertia




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