The historical roots of the concept of citizenship Between Islamic history and contemporary modern history

Dr. Zeina Harith Jarjies - Dr. Ahmed Khamis Hammadi

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Summary :

Since the concept of citizenship as an expression of loyalty and belonging that is linked to human civilization, has emerged since the formation of humanitarian gatherings – its development and renewal has been achieved through change and modernization in the reality of the human environment in the interactions associated with the expansion of urbanization as a result of human consciousness, Integrated rights and duties that expand and narrow according to the degree of urbanization reached by society in honoring and honoring human humanity.

The Quranic texts and the Hadith of the Noble Prophet have the most profound effect on the consolidation of the true concept of the term “citizenship” and have the most profound effect in clarifying the most important rights and duties that have explained the true meaning of citizenship. The role of the great prophet Muhammad is to outline the concept of citizenship and its interpretation, As the only object that God Almighty has honored regardless of its size, gender and color.

The concepts associated with the concept of citizenship are linked to it either as the vessel or the ground within which it operates – the homeland and the state – or as a synonym; nationalism, belonging, allegiance or as characteristics of self-identification as nationalism and nationality, The concept of patriotism and the exercise of citizenship reflects a moral obligation to the place inhabited by man, beginning with love and ending with the embodiment of his requirements with a sense of allegiance and a sense of belonging and mutual action.

In the contemporary reality of the concept of citizenship, this concept has become linked to the concerns of various specialists in the humanities, and has become a fundamental culture in the interactions of civilized societies.

The conventional meaning of citizenship:

The British Department of Encyclopaedia Britannica defined citizenship as “a relationship between an individual and a state as defined by the law of that State and the duties and rights involved in that State” and further affirms that citizenship implies a degree of freedom with the attendant Responsibilities



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