Authority in the thought of the Messenger (PBUH) between the religious and the political is a historical-sociological approach

Assistant Prof. Dr. Wasim Abboud Attia Assistant Prof. Dr. Ahmed Bahaa Abdel Razzaq

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The concept of power is one of the most misunderstood cultural concepts because of its rapid development, because of the diversity of fields in which it is used, and for the multiplicity of sources from which it derives its significance in each of these areas. And the civil experience of the state of the Prophet – s – was based on the strength of religious discourse, so when he speaks – he – he speaks in the name of God words of the house above humanity, as the amount of preacher and forerunner – according to the Koranic interpretation – and became a political leader only after the migration and politically sense management Justice and revealed the Islamic political power of its nature and its essential elements in the time of the Prophet  through a series of historical facts and events experienced by the young Islamic political group, and the most important and most significant events in this context happened newspaper, which was a reference event in the context of the construction of the Islamic Church And other events related to the management of relations with local opponents (Jews and hypocrites).

The authority of the Prophet in general was manifested in two things: the civil character of its aims and demands, and the limits of its practice, which are determined by the abilities of those who are based on them, their potentials and sources of action. They distinguished the nature of the values ​​on which they were based in their request for the purposes for which they came, – through his human definition that God inherits the earth and its land, as it is an inventory of all the forms of discrimination and inequalities that have permeated the culture of his age, especially regarding discrimination on the basis of sex, race, tribe, religion or social structure.



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