A proposed model for the role of the Faculties of Basic Education in developing the values ​​of citizenship among their students in light of contemporary challenges

Lecturer. Dr. Maytham Abdul-Kadhim Hashem Al-Saadi

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There are many contemporary variables that have resulted in some negative repercussions, which suffer from many societies, and the values ​​and thought patterns that are contrary to the principles of good citizenship, which do not agree with the nature of society

There is an imbalance in the performance of schools in the field of citizenship education, due in large part to the weakness of the teacher’s performance of the teacher’s lack of awareness of the dimensions, principles and values ​​of citizenship, which raises doubts about the ability of the faculties of basic education to play their role in this area, Scientific research in activating the role of the faculties of education in developing the values ​​of citizenship among its students, teachers and future teachers.

The present study aims to develop the values ​​of citizenship among the students of the College of Basic Education, teachers of the future, in order to meet and assume their future responsibilities in educating the younger generation on patriotism, belonging and loyalty to the homeland.



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